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$695 to $995 Flat Legal Fee

Attorney prepares all documents.
Designed for Clients who want the attorney to arrange filing and serving all docs for you.

The Attorney prepares and reviews all divorce forms and arranges for filing and serving the docs so you do not have to go to the courthouse. $995 for children, assets or debts. A Quick Low Cost Uncontested True Default Complete Divorce to avoid court hearings or trials.
$95 to Start Now & Pay As You Go payments

– Don Glass, Esq

Qualify for Waiver of Filing Fees

There are three possible grounds for an application for waiver of the filing fee:

(1) you are receiving some type of public assistance, such as CalWorks (TANF) or Food Stamps;
(2) your gross monthly income is less than the amount determined by the state as being low income
for a household with the same number of people as yours; and
(3) while you do not qualify on grounds (1) or (2) you claim that your gross monthly income is not
enough to pay for the common necessities of life for you and those in your family you are legally
obligated to support AND to pay the court filing fee.
This latter type (3) of application is the one that most frequently results in a court hearing.

3 Steps to a Final Judgment

Step 1 > Lawyer prepares your petition forms & the Request to Waive Court Fees.  The Lawyer reviews your case with you & reviews all divorce forms.
You will file the petition forms at court.
Pay $200 Legal Fees

Step 2 > Lawyer prepares your financial disclosure forms.  The Lawyer reviews all forms.  You will serve your spouse and file the Proof of Service at court. Pay $200 Legal Fees

Step 3 > Lawyer prepares your judgment package of forms.  The Lawyer reviews all forms.  You will file the judgment package of docs at court.
Pay $200 or $500 if Children, or Assets or Debts

Step 1 - $200

Step 2 - $200

Step 3 - $200 or $500

Lawyer Legal Advice



Child Support, Child Visitation, Child Custody legal advice $95 Start Divorce

Property Division

Division of community property and separate property, assets, pensions legal advice $95 Start Divorce

Debt Division

Division of community property and separate propert debts legal advice $95 Start Divorce

Get Legal Divorce

Why Risk Your Divorce with a Non-supervised LDA Non-Lawyer when our Law Firm offers this $395 Paralegal Divorce Service?  Don’t Risk your divorce judgment being rejected by the Judge.

Low Income Uncontested Divorce

Law Offices of Don Glass, Esq, – We Specialize in Uncontested Divorce & Legal Separation. Our Goal is to Settle ALL Issues OUTSIDE Court – No Hearings or Trials. Our office represents clients residing in All Cities in California

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  • Debt Division Law

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Don Glass, Esq

Don Glass, Esq

Divorce Lawyer

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Our clients send us reviews.

Don was very helpful and extremely affordable in comparison to other divorce lawyers. I shopped around and was a little nervous when i seen how affordable his price was. Additionally, I had so many questions and he did not hesitate answering them. The text line was very convenient as I am a very busy person. As soon as I sent a text I was receiving the needed information. I am very happy with the services. The divorce went super smooth. Thanks so much Don you rock!!!

Tina S

Really do appreciate your help. You offer an invaluable service for those of us who would have no idea how to navigate the process

Cliff H

Lawyer Don was nothing but AMAZING
Great on Communication and assiting for a Clean and Quick Divorce.
Thank you

Jessica S

Don Glass filed my papers in Dec and 9 weeks later I had a divorce judgment with court orders, WOW

David B

Brilliant! This is way easier than I thought. Couldn’t do it without you. I appreciate it


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